Who I am

I’m Cat Larkin. I work with women with ADHD, who may feel inside that they are smart, and creative but may also… not quite believe it. I help women struggling to make progress:
–> in her own Business or at Work
–> in her Home
–> and on Dream Projects

I believe in Peer to Peer learning. I have learned that with ADHD, there is no “one size fits all” solution. At the ADHD Learning Lab, I am creating something I’ve not found elsewhere, but had been looking for. I hope to create a place where women with ADHD can “hold space” for each other to experiment together in small facilitated peer-to-per learning groups to uncover the strategies, tool and supports that work for each individual person. Many of us need a space for accountability buddies, virtual co-working and  a place to verbally process our way through an issue to the other side.

I help women shift forward the thing she deems most important at this time. The goal of my ADHD peer to peer learning is to move projects forward or to move through issues. We work through, often verbally processing, the issue each is working on, then move into action using online co-working/body doubling, and daily and weekly accountability check ins.

Moving into action, one on one or together as a small group, builds synergy. I have seen the sum of our energies together be greater than each of us working separately – the brainstorming and support I have seen, when channeled, can turn our ADHD mountains back into the mole hills they often really are.

As a woman, diagnosed over 17 years ago, I have shifted from struggling and juggling my own ADHD to managing and thriving…making it work for me, with me. Discovering actionable ideas and testing and trying them is my secret sauce, along with building community. I created the Adult ADHD Learning Lab to share ways channel our creative & brilliant ADHD brains (even when we don’t feel or own that brilliance yet) – Let’s experiment and move forward together!

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor or licensed therapist. I am a woman with ADHD who has found ways to use my existing skill set help myself an others. Tips and suggestions mentioned in this website are for general information purposes only and should not be construed as professional medical advice.